Privacy policy

Personal data is administered by Z-Moda, s.r.o., ID No. (IČ): 03632890, Tax ID No. (DIČ): CZ03632890,  place of business at: Lazarská 11/6, 120 00 Prague 2, Czech republic. Hereinafter ‘Operator’.

1. The Buyer agrees with the processing of his/her personal data, which includes a name and surname, home address, identification number, tax identification number, email address, gender, bank account number and telephone number and grants consent to the collection and processing of his/her personal data by the Operator.

2. Handling personal data of Buyers is subject to the Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on Personal Data Protection, as amended.

3. The Operator is registered with The Office for Personal Data Protection.

4. The Buyer agrees with the processing of personal data by the seller for the purposes of realising rights and obligations arising from the purchase agreement, operating the loyalty programme for the Buyer and for the purposes of maintaining the user account. If the Buyer does not select another option, he/she gives consent to the processing of personal data by the seller also for the purposes of sending information and business notifications to the Buyer. The Buyer gives consent to the processing of personal data voluntarily and can anytime revoke it free of charge using the link at the end of business notifications. Consent to the processing of personal data in their entirety according to this article is not a requirement that would in itself prevent a purchase agreement from being concluded.

5. The Buyer acknowledges that he/she is obligated to state his/her personal data (at registration, in the user account or in the order) correctly and truthfully and that he/she is obligated to inform the seller without any unnecessary delay about the change in his/her personal data.

6. The seller may appoint a third party as a processing party to process personal data of the Buyer. Up-to-date information about processing parties of personal data will be provided to the Buyer at his/her request.

7. Personal data will be processed for an indefinite period of time electronically in an automated manner or in print in a non-automated manner.

8. The Buyer confirms that provided personal data are accurate and he/she provided the personal data voluntarily.

9. In the event the Buyer thinks that the seller or the processing party processes his/her personal data inconsistently with the protection of the Buyer’s private and personal life or inconsistently with the law, in particular if personal data are not accurate with regard to the purpose of their processing, he/she can:
a. request explanation from the seller or the processing party,
b. request rectification of the situation by the seller or the processing party.

10. If the Buyer requests information about the processing of his/her personal data, the seller is obligated to provide this information. The seller is entitled to request adequate compensation for the provision of information according to the preceding sentence, not exceeding costs necessary for such information provision.

11. The Buyer agrees to receive information related to goods, services or company of the seller to the Buyer’s email and furthermore he/she agrees to receive business notifications from the seller to the Buyer’s email.

12. The Buyer agrees with storing cookies on his/her computer. None of the cookies used on the website of the internet shop collects and contains information that has the nature of personal data of the Buyer so it does not allow to identify a specific person in any way. By setting his/her web browser, the Buyer can delete individual cookies manually, block them or fully prohibit them. Individual cookies can be also blocked or allowed only for specific websites.


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