Jak o tričko pečovat, aby vám co nejdéle vydrželo.

How to take care of your T-shirt.

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Our T-shirts are made out of pre-washed cotton. This means that they won't shrink like many others and the size you bought is the size you get!

Due to very precise cutting, out T-shirts do not twist and the seams stay where they belong.


  • Wash your T-shirt at 30 degrees and 800 washing speed with same or similar colors.
  • We highly reccomend not to wash your T-shirts and delicates in general with things that have zippers, studs and other metal applications (such as jeans). Doporučujeme trička neprat s věcmi co mají cvoky a zipy (třeba jeanovina). Velcro is also not very fabric friendly and is an unnecessary risk for most fabrics.
  • Do not leave your washed T-shirts in the washing machine, they crincle and it will be a whole lot harder to iron them.
  • Do not dry in a dryer, unless you have a very sensitive one. 
  • When you pull your T-shirts out of the washing machine, hold two corners and shake the T-shirt to straighern it out. Fold it over the hanger, without using clothespins. This makes ironing easier.
  • Iron your dark T-shirts inside-out